These are outdoor cats, but a couple show interest in coming indoors. Probably because they know the tasty food comes from inside the house.

They are only familiar with one human. A couple are very comfortable around me, the others are pettable only when I am feeding them. So you will need to take it on kitten-faith that they will warm up to a friendly cat-lover who feeds them.

Three are older (bigger) than the rest, as they hatched earlier this year.

Even if you just want some barn cats, these will serve that role well. Take two for barn cats, and they should get along fine since they are growing up together.

BTW, there are two mama-cats that could go along with the kittens, too. The black-with-white-feet mamacat is very chill, laid back, and stylish. Would make a great quiet house cat. I would call her "Posh". :) See her pic at the bottom of the page.

Mama cat #1

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